Forestry Services

  • Timber Management Plans
  • Timber Sales
  • Reforestation
  • Timber Inventory

Wildlife Management Services

  • Wildlife management plans for game and non-game species.
  • Implementation of management plans including subcontractor selection, coordination and supervision.
  • Management of brackish and freshwater ponds and forested wetlands for waterfowl, wading birds and other species.
  • Consulting with land planners to incorporate wildlife amenities and human use into residential development projects.
  • Hunting lease negotiation and supervision
  • Deer management planning, permitting, and implementaion in residential developments.

  Related Services  back to top

  • Wetland permitting for enhancement of wildlife habitat.
  • Arboricultural consultation and implementation of tree care practices, including pre-construction protection measures, post-construction remedial treatements, and longterm maintenace of health and vigor.
  • Wetland mitigation plans and impementation.

Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  back to top

   We can perform a variety of mapping and GIS services.

Fees  back to top

     Please contact us for information regarding fees.